Mobile Applications

Specializing in development of software in Android, Apple and Microsoft environments. (Python, Java, C++, C# and swift)

Website Development

Creating custom websites using Bootstrap, Jquery, PHP , HTML, CSS and CMS frameworks (Wordpress)


Adaptable to many different situations/work environments, with the ability to collaborate and motivate teams of all sizes.

About Me

     My name is Cory Da Silva and I am an aspiring Software Developer. I am currently a Full-time student / Research Assistant pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I was first introduced to Software Development and programming in high school, and have been building upon my skills and techniques ever since. When not in class, I am either reading up on the latest technology trends, toying with a new personal programing side project, or adding to my blog.

     I enjoy Software development and programming as I find it constantly challenging and rewarding. Every project I take on feels like a series of puzzle, and and as a programmer I enjoy knowing that there is an near infinite amount of tools at my disposal to solve them. The challenge in creating efficient, effective, and clear code is what drives me forward, and I look forward to what’s in the future. I would love to work in the world of Software Development and build useful and meaningful software that improve the lives of their users.

Professional Accomplishments (Software Developer)

I have just finished an 8 month internship at Nascent Digital as a Jr Software Development. I gained a lot of skills through this internship, including software architecture, front-end languages (React, React Native), back end (node.js), and best practices surrounding software architecture and design. Previously,  I was employed as a Student Research Assistant at my school. The main focus of our research was innovation in the space of mobile health devices. This topic is very important to me, as social and physical well-being is something I believe should be at the forefront of technology. I also have worked on some applications in my free time, publishing my first application (Pincam) to the google play store. So far, the application has had some very positive reviews, but I am still working to further build upon it. I am currently working on 2 other passion projects that I will post as well once they are ready for launch. I currently hold a 3.9 GPA in my degree program, and am actively seeking a Coop Placement for January 2019. If you are looking to hire a very skilled and motivated Software Developer to join your team, please reach out to me below.


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If you are looking to hire a Software Developer, or you have any questions regarging my work or blog, please feel free to reach out.

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